Sales Consultancy

Ensuring your sales operations are set up for success

With substantial experience in front line sales and sales management across a variety of industries I know what it takes to make a sales operation effective.
Drawing on my success in a number of start-up operations and consulting projects, I provide sales consultancy to help improve the effectiveness of company sales processes.

Ultimately it is about increasing revenues and profitability. However the challenges that each organisation faces are different, and as such so are the ways in which I might help. Each of my clients are unique and I ensure my approach and services are tailored to specific requirements.
Some of the areas I support in are highlighted below:
Sales Consulting

Lead Generation: Marketing Strategy

You need leads – enough to meet company growth plans – and you need them created as efficiently as possible. A considered Strategy brings clarity on who you will target and how you will do so.


Sales Strategy

The Marketing Strategy sets how how you will generate leads, your Sales Strategy defines how you will pursue and close them in the most profitable way. What is the definition of success? How do you organise your resources? Do you use telesales? Direct and indirect sales channels? How do you manage acquisition and account management?


Sales Process & Performance Measurement

Your sales people should all sell in the same way: you don’t want robotic clones, but you do want to share and embed activities that deliver results; and have them work to a process aimed at consistent results..

A company sales process draws on best practice and provides the ‘map’ to ensure each sale is proactively moved towards the decision-point, rather than left to drift; it provides a common approach to success, an understanding of milestones and the vocabulary to assist with measuring performance.

Unless you monitor your sales activities properly you are unable to identify potential issues and take proactive decisions. Defining and reporting on the leading indicators of your sales pipeline provides invaluable insight, enables true control and helps focus sales activities to those that lead to wins.

Engagement & Account Planning

Quality customer engagements have to be planned; if you do not define goals and set specific actions then you undermine your customer interaction. Successful sales operations plan for every customer engagement and they develop and implement plans for existing customers, whether expanding or defending the footprint within that account.


Proposal Development

The sales document – your proposal – is critical in achieving success. Ensuring you are submitting appropriate, tailored and engaging sales proposals is a must: aligned to client drivers and professionally demonstrating the value of your proposition.


People Effectiveness

The effectiveness of your sales people can make or break your success. It is vital to ensure they are motivated, suitably skilled and have the mindset to achieve.

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