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Experienced sales professional, MBA, Master Practitioner of NLP, qualified coach

I started Upsell Consulting as a result of my interest in business and sales. I love making sales and helping companies grow.
My other passion is working with people and helping them to develop. I have a long-term fascination in the how the human mind works – how our attitudes, beliefs and moods impact our behaviours and the results we achieve.

My sales career started in 1995, initially as a telesales executive before moving in to the field.  I honed my corporate skills through the sale of consultancy projects to large organisations – a true ‘intangible sale’ if ever there is one. Subsequently I’ve held quota-bearing sales and management roles covering direct and indirect sales models, for the most part in ‘challenger’ organisations. I’ve worked across diverse industries including consulting, IT (software & hardware), mobile and business services.

I am proud to say that I have enjoyed success: leading successful teams, closing numerous deals, banking (and spending!) the commission cheques and winning various ‘salesman of the year’ awards.

I have also experienced more than my share of tough times: lost sales, missed targets, unpalatable bosses, difficult customers and more than one redundancy.  Out of the good and tough – which do you think I learnt more from?

Over the years I noticed that some colleagues could deal effortlessly with pressure, others suffered knock-backs and rebounded, whilst a few seemingly never recovered from the tough times.

The interest I have in business saw me obtain an MBA (Masters in Business Administration) via full time study at Warwick Business School – one of the leading business schools in Europe.

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  • Extensive sales/sales management experience
  • MBA from Warwick Business School
  • Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)
  • Diploma in Personal Transformation Coaching
  • Qualified Corporate Mindfulness Trainer

My fascination with the the human mind, and how our internal world shapes our external reality and the results we get, has led me to qualify as a Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP); gain a Diploma in Personal Transformation Coaching (making me a ‘Life Coach’) and qualify as a Corporate Trainer of Mindfulness.

I now combine these interests and my track record in sales to help companies improve the performance of their operations and sales teams.

To discuss how I can support your company grow, make contact by telephone or email:

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